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On behalf of everyone at The Media Village and our partners at Broadcast Asia, we thank you for visiting our booth. We hope you had a fulfilling time at the show. 

We may not have been able to spend as much time with you last week and we look forward to following up with a call or visit. It would be great tounderstand your workflow challenges and explore how our solutions may help overcome them. 

Please do fill out the form on this page and let us know more about the soutions you are looking for and we'll be in touch shortly. 

Broadcast Asia Follow-up

Please send me more information on the following:

iodyne's Pro Data leverages Thunderbolt's speed and expandability, offering 8 full-speed ports and compatibility with all computers and apps. It's the fastest Thunderbolt storage for M1 Macs and Thunderbolt RAID array, with 12 NVMe SSDs, RAID and encryption technology, and a simple macOS app for control and unparalleled data protection.


QScan is an automated quality control software for media files, detecting errors and inconsistencies in video and audio content. It checks for issues like format compliance, metadata validation, and technical faults, ensuring deliverable content meets broadcast and streaming standards, and reducing manual quality control time and effort.


DNAfabric is a new way to address the “DATA EVERYWHERE” challenge!
With built-in connectors for file-systems, object stores, cloud applications, legacy archives, UDP and more, while enabling multiple services.


DNAfabric offers one comprehensive toolset across indexing, browse, search, analysis, de-dupe, backup, archive and sync - a single pane of glass across all your data, workflows, sites and clouds.

SDNA-Diagram-Animation-GIF2.gif is a MAM that catalogs your videos, images, and other files wherever they are, without requiring a clunky ingest process. Its intuitive browser interface lets you search and manage your media from anywhere includes powerful on-premise AI and Machine Learning engines for speech recognition, face, logo, and object recognition, as well as OCR for images. These engines go a long way toward making your media searchable.



Symply revolutionizes digital data storage for media and entertainment, offering innovative, customer-centric storage solutions for data acquisition, collaboration, backup, archive, and cloud storage, ensuring unparalleled performance, security, and scalability for businesses of all sizes. 


Facilis Technology develops and manufactures innovative storage and data management solutions for media and entertainment professionals. Their products, such as the Facilis HUB and Facilis Shared File System, enable fast, collaborative, and efficient workflows for content creators, post-production houses, and broadcast organizations.

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