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BCA ’23 Feature: DNAfabric – What every data-hungry production facility needs

Your ever-growing ‘Unstructured Data’.

Media production facilities generate vast amounts of unstructured data, which is defined as high-volume data such as audio, video, image, renders, graphics etc. And this growing data shows no sign of slowing down.

A production facility is also likely to have these data stored across multiple storage pools such as hard disks, NAS, LTO tape and so on. Keeping track of the volume of data, spread across multiple storage locations poses a challenge even for the most modest of production facilities.

DNAfabric is a platform designed

to manage growing volumes of unstructured data.

What does DNAfabric connect to?

It is firstly designed to connect to any unstructured data repository including hard drives, file-systems, NAS, public object, private object and tape. It helps organizations move, protect, secure and share across these different storage silos by providing a set of software tools .

What toolset does DNAfabric provide?

DNAfabric allows organisations to manage these connected storage silos by providing a range of tools. These include tools for:

  1. NAS Scanning – scheduled scanning for Ransomeware or RAID failures

  2. Metadata Indexing – enable a complete metadata tracking platform for searches across storage silos

  3. Cloud Cost Modeling – helps build cloud accurate cost models and enables cost predictability for backup, archive and production workflows in cloud

  4. Storage Analysis – Detailed storage reports across multiple metrics including size, age, extension and more. Includes duplicate analysis tool

  5. Transfer and Verification – A transfer engine that supports multiple transfer options

  6. Snapshots, Stubs and Data Removal – Integrates into native storage services across FS and Object Storage

  7. Hybrid MAM Tools – integrates with Frame.IO for efficient asset management, transcoding and general data pipelines.

  8. Multi-way Sync – multi-way replication across one or more NAS systems

Visit StorageDNA at Broadcast Asia #6F3-11

To find our more about DNAfabric, come by our booth at Broadcast Asia 2023 (6F3-11). Tridib Chakravarty, President and CEO of StorageDNA will be on hand to discuss your storage management needs and to demonstrate how DNAfabric could be of help.

If you’re not at the show, click on the link below to find out more.


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