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EditShare - Team Collaboration Promo

Store, manage and securely share assets between creatives and non-creatives with media aware shared storage, asset management and powerful collaboration tools.

EditShare EFS storage servers are more than just shared media production servers, as every server comes bundled with Flow media asset management and workflow automation platform. (1)

EditShare users are now able to take their collaborative workflow one step further, with the addition of MediaSilo, a powerful tool for review and approval; secure, fast file sharing, custom dynamic presentations, and much more.

FREE MediaSilo

For a limited time (2), EditShare is offering MediaSilo for FREE (3) to all existing EFS customers on a valid support contract or with any new purchase of an EFS 200/EFS 300 shared storage system.

Trade-in Discounts

In addition, EditShare is offering very special trade-in discounts to existing EFS users or to those with shared storage from competitive brands (4).

(1) EFS 200 is bundled with 5 Flow user licenses, EFS 300 with 10 Flow user licenses

(2) Team Collaboration Promo is valid until June 2024

(3) 5 free users / 500 GB of storage for the remainder of 2024

(4) Check with us to see if your current storage brand qualifies for a trade-in discount


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