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Lola Visual Effects chooses Iodyne ProData for it's most demanding storage and security needs

Lola Visual Effects specialises in changing the onscreen appearance of a character and also creating an environment that allows them to project the face of a hero actor onto a body double, using a custom-built rig called The Egg. Their work can be seen in blockbuster movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Top Gun Maverick, Barbie, Game of Thrones and many more.

The egg uses eight RED cameras shooting 6K and six Sony cameras shooting at 4K, all uncompressed and running at 48 frames per second. Needless to say, storage performance, capacity and security are important considerations for their work. Find out why the iodyne ProData is their storage solution of choice in the video below.

iodyne Pro Data Key Specifications

Twelve lightning-fast NVMe SSDs transparently combine with our unique RAID and Encryption technology to deliver unparalleled data protection, while delivering peak performance across sustained workloads. Control all these features using our simple, elegant, and native macOS app.

  • Capacity: 12TB, 24TB or 48TB

  • Performance: 5GB/s read + 2GB/s write

  • Expansion: Up to 6 devices can be daisy-chained per Thunderbolt port pair. Multiple daisy-chains can be created on computers that provide more than one Thunderbolt host port.

  • Security: 256-bit AES hardware encryption

  • Connectivity: 8× 40Gb Thunderbolt3 ports, 4 upstream to one or more computers, 4 downstream to other devices and accessories

Portable, hardware-encrypted, and supporting up to four concurrent users, Pro Data can be setup in minutes. Whether you’re on-set, near-set, at home or in-studio, Pro Data will make your workflow more efficient.


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