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BCA ’23 Feature: iodyne Pro Data – World’s Fastest Thunderbolt RAID

Visit The Media Village at Broadcast Asia 2023 (6F3-11) and you’ll be treated to seeing the world’s fastest Thunderbolt RAID, Pro Data from Iodyne. You’ll also get a chance to meet with Iodyne’s COO, Jason Williams, who will be at the show on 7 and 8 June.

Pro Data Key Specifications

  1. 5GB/s read + 2GB/s write

  2. Available in 12TB, 24TB and 48TB capacity

  3. 256-bit AES hardware encryption

  4. Up to 4 concurrent users per device

Portable, hardware-encrypted, and supporting up to four concurrent users, Pro Data can be setup in minutes. Whether you’re on-set, near-set, at home or in-studio, Pro Data will make your workflow more efficient.

Expanding your potential

Pro Data provides a versatile platform for maximizing your team’s efficiency and improving productivity for even the most complex workflows. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how Pro Data can transform your setup.

Get Connected

Connect your computer to one or more Thunderbolt ports and attach your Pro Data to its power supply to start provisioning up to 15 storage containers. Position Pro Data flat on your desk or on a shelf, or orient it vertically with our included stand. Use Thunderbolt daisy-chaining to connect multiple Pro Data devices, monitors, and accessories.

Breakthrough NVMe Multipathing

Maximize performance by using multiple Thunderbolt connections together for the first time. Pro Data automatically uses all available paths to boost performance from a single computer. It’s the fastest Thunderbolt storage for Apple SIlicon, with 3× the capacity of the largest built-in SSD. You can even multipath to two computers at the same time!


Connect up to four computers simultaneously to distribute parallel tasks, then use Storage Handoff for streamlined collaboration. Storage Handoff allows Macs cooperating in a workgroup to share the overall SSD storage, and handoff filesystems containing project assets. You can even Handoff and share storage between M1 Macs and Intel Macs, for the ultimate software developer desktop.

Hybrid NAS

Connect to Pro Data via Thunderbolt for maximum speed while simultaneously providing access to shared assets over an Ethernet network. Pro Data makes an incredible companion to a Mac mini, offering up to 24TB of all-SSD shared NFS or SMB storage, with nearly unlimited daisy-chain expansion. Support both networked Time Machine and ultra-fast Thunderbolt backups using one Pro Data.


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